VMware Validated Designs 5.0 – What’s New?

VMware Validated Designs is a complete set of prescriptive blueprints on how to deploy a VMware based Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC). It includes Planning & Preparation guidance, detailed Architecture & Design documentation, design decisions – including justifications & implications for each decision – deployment guidance, upgrade guidance and now automated deployment. All of which is created by a team of VMware architects working behind the scenes with every VMware business unit…all with a view to ensuring that deploying the VMware SDDC is consistent & effortless for customers and partners.

Today saw the release of VMware Validated Designs 5.0. The documentation can be found here. I will delve into some of this in more depth in future posts but here are the highlights of today’s release

EDIT: I missed a major addition in the VMware Validated Designs 5.0 release – The new Document Map. This map provides guidance on how and when to navigate each document to make the documentation flow easier to consume

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