New Year…New Blog Commitment!

So we’re well into the new year and I’ve decided to revive this blog and actually post some stuff! I started it a long long time ago and never really committed to it. But recently I’ve been inspired by projects like #Commitmas by Matt Brender @mjbrender More Info Here and the 30 posts in 30 days or #vDM30in30 started by i believe Melissa Palmer @vmiss33

So considering I posted about 4 times in 3 years I’m setting myself the challenge to post once a month for the rest of the year…not quite #vDM30in30 but i’ll get there! 🙂

In my day to day job i sometimes use scripts to automate one thing or the other..some i create myself…some i rip from other sites and modify to suit my use case and some you find are a perfect fit. I’ll post some of these (the interesting ones at least!). I’ll also try to post some useful Hybrid Cloud related bits as that’s my primary focus area right now.

Or maybe i wont and the tumble weed will roll in…tune in next week…same bat time…same bat channel…to find out!

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