Backup NSX Manager

Was playing around with NSX today and found that you can enable backup of the NSX manager from within the administration page. While using a backup solution like Avamar or VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) is preferred for backing up your VMs this is a quick and easy way to backup your NSX manager config that enables you to quickly restore in the case of losing the NSX manager (or screwing it up by changing something!!)

To set it up navigate to https://NSX-Manager-IP and login with the Admin account

NSx Logo

Once logged in select Backup and Restore

Backup and restore

You first need to setup an FTP server to send the backups to. Click Change for FTP Server

Setup Backup Location

Fill in your FTP server details. Ensure you make a note of the prefix and the pass phrase as you will need these if you need to do a restore

Backup Location


To set the backup to run on a schedule click Change for Schedule and set your desired schedule

Set Schedule

To verify your settings run a manual backup by clicking on Backup

Select Backup

Click Start to confirm

Start Backup


The backup process if pretty quick and once complete you will end up with a backup listed

Backup Result

You cannot restore a backup onto a configured NSX manager so the backup can only be used on a new unconfigured NSX manager. So if you have issues with your NSX manager simply deploy a new one and point its FTP to the same location and it will see all backups. You can then choose the one you want to restore to.

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