Error restoring SRM placeholder VM

I’ve been doing some lab work this week staging a vSphere 6.0U1b with SRM 6.0 environment for some upgrade scenario testing and i hit an issue with SRM 6.0 that i had not seen before. When trying to restore the SRM placeholder VM for a protected VM I was getting the following error

No hosts with hardware version ‘7’ and datastore(s) “NFS02” which are powered on and not in maintenance mode are available


Seemed like a pretty odd error given that my target host is 6.0 and it has the NFS02 datastore mounted. I checked all the obvious to ensure there were no host issues and then went on the KB hunt. Tried the solution outlined here to no avail

Also tried this, again no joy.

As a last ditch effort i tried rebooting the target ESXi host and that fixed the issue and I was then able to restore the placeholder VM and continue testing. Not sure on the root cause. This is a fully nested environment, using vSphere Replication & a VNX File appliance so it may just be environmental. Will update this post if i figure it out!

Onwards with testing!

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