VMware Validated Designs 5.0 – What’s New?

VMware Validated Designs is a complete set of prescriptive blueprints on how to deploy a VMware based Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC). It includes Planning & Preparation guidance, detailed Architecture & Design documentation, design decisions – including justifications & implications for each decision – deployment guidance, upgrade guidance and now automated deployment. All of which is created by a team of VMware architects working behind the scenes with every VMware business unit…all with a view to ensuring that deploying the VMware SDDC is consistent & effortless for customers and partners.

Today saw the release of VMware Validated Designs 5.0. The documentation can be found here. I will delve into some of this in more depth in future posts but here are the highlights of today’s release

EDIT: I missed a major addition in the VMware Validated Designs 5.0 release – The new Document Map. This map provides guidance on how and when to navigate each document to make the documentation flow easier to consume

  • New document map to assist with navigating the documentation
  • Updated Bill of Materials that incorporates new product versions. See the release notes for the full list but here are some highlights
    • vSphere 6.7 Update 1
    • NSX 6.4.4
    • vRA/vRO 7.5
    • SRM 8.1.1
  • Automated SDDC deployment using VMware Cloud Builder
    • This is by far the biggest addition to this VMware Validated Designs release. Fully automated deployment of a single or dual region VMware Validated Design. The deployment guides are reduced to about 80 pages (from over 300) of mainly environment staging and Cloud Builder does the rest. This is available as a free download so go get it, deploy it, and provide feedback! Shout out to @GaryJBlake & the team for their work getting this over the line!
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 for the Windows virtual machines of vRealize Automation and Site Recovery Manager
  • Support for for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for the external database of vRealize Automation.
  • Support for Ubuntu Server 18.04 for the virtual machines of vSphere Update Manager Download Service.
  • Multi-tenancy support in vRealize Orchestrator
  • Recommended use of 25 GbE NICs
  • Use of the HTML5-based vSphere Client for environment preparation, post-deployment configuration, and operational guidance in vSphere, NSX for vSphere, Site Recovery Manager, and vSphere Update Manager

Some more useful links below:

VMware Validated Designs 5.0 Cloud Builder Downloads

VMware Validated Designs 5.0 Design Decisions Checklist

VMware Validated Designs 5.0 Visio Diagrams


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