VMware Validated Design – Automated Deployment with Cloud Builder – Part 6: Deploy The SDDC

This is part 6 of a series of posts on VMware Cloud Builder. 

In this final post, now that we have passed all validation, we will run the SDDC deployment using VMware Cloud Builder.

On the Deploy an SDDC screen Click Deploy

This will start the deployment of the management cluster. Depending on your environment the deployment may take in the region of 8-10 hours. All gong well your deployment will complete without issue!


Once the management cluster deployment is complete repeat the above for the Shared Edge & Compute cluster.

If you experience any failures you may need to remediate the encountered issue manually and then click Retry. As with pre validation, you can upload a new Deployment Parameters file if required and click Generate JSON to overwrite any values.

And thats a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the series and found it useful. Please go and download Cloud Builder and provide feedback.


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