Introducing PowerVCF – A PowerShell Module for the VMware Cloud Foundation API

Its been a while since I’ve posted something so I thought it was about time! Since joining VMware a year ago I’ve been heads down drinking from the firehose, learning from a phenomenal team and generally keeping very busy. More recently I’ve been playing a lot with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). A recent release (3.8) introduced a public API and I started getting field questions on how to leverage it so I started digging. The API has been expanded in 3.9. It is based on the OpenAPI standard (formerly Swagger) and can be accessed through the developer center in the SDDC Manager UI or via

Now I’m not a developer so I fell back on Postman to do some initial testing. I like Postman as it dumbs it down for us non-devs 🙂 but I wanted something a little easier to consume so i started a little side project called PowerVCF (hat-tip to the far superior PowerNSX, PowerVRA, PowerVRO)

Basically I wanted to provide a simple, efficient, PowerCLI style experience for consuming the VMware Cloud Foundation public API.


  • A PowerShell Module to abstract the API to familiar cmdlets (New, Get, Set etc)
  • Provide sample JSON templates
  • Provide some scripting examples

I am delighted to unleash the first iteration of PowerVCF on the community! Creating this has been a great learning experience for me. In the process I’ve improved my PowerShell skills, learned Git, Markdown and have started looking into CI/CD workflows. It’s also my first submission to the PowerShell Gallery.

DISCLAIMER: This is (currently) a personal project, while it has the backing from my leadership and has been reviewed and approved by our excellent VCF engineering and tech marketing teams it is not an officially supported VMware module. As such it should be used with caution and thoroughly tested before using in production. It will be best effort to validate with each VCF release. I am sharing it in the hope folks find it useful. Please contribute if you can.

A massive thank you to the current contributors!

Gary Blake

Giuliano Bertello

Brandon Willmott

OK now that the legalities are out of the way  here is a link to the github project. I’ve added a readme to get you started. Look out for more blog posts from me and the other contributors on using the module to automate your VMware Cloud Foundation!



Follow @PowerVCF on Twitter for future updates

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