Announcing VMware Skyline Support for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1

VMware Skyline™ is a proactive support service aligned with VMware Global Support Services. VMware Skyline automatically and securely collects, aggregates, and analyzes product usage data which proactively identifies potential problems and helps VMware Technical Support Engineers improve the resolution time.

With the release of VMware Skyline collector 2.6, it is now supported to add VMware Cloud Foundation awareness to Skyline advisor to ensure that Skyline findings and recommendations take into account, and do not violate the VMware Cloud Foundation design or Bill Of Materials (BOM). To enable this integration you add the SDDC Manager from each Cloud Foundation instance. When a vCenter Server, NSX-T Manager, & vRealize Operations Manager from that VMware Cloud Foundation instance is added they are automatically associated with the SDDC Manager and tagged for VCF based recommendations in Skyline Advisor.


To add Cloud Foundation to Skyline you need to do the following

Add a user in SDDC Manager and assign the VMware Cloud Foundation Viewer role.

Configure the VMware Skyline Collector to add the SDDC Manager instance by entering the FQDN & credentials for the above user

Once added SDDC Manager will show in the collector inventory view


Logging into Skyline Advisor in VMware Cloud Services you now see VMware Cloud Foundation listed as part of the inventory on the dashboard.

Navigating to the Inventory tab enables you to expand the VMware Cloud Foundation view to see the associated Cloud Foundation inventory

  1. VMware Cloud Foundation
  2. SDDC Manager
  3. Management Domain
  4. Workload Domain(s)
  5. vRealize Operations Manager


Skyline findings and recommendations for these associated inventory items will now be surfaced as solution-based Proactive Findings.

Get started with Skyline here

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